Monday, April 18, 2011

The official blood type blog!!

What is a blog? Do we mainly speak our minds about things that we feel we are experts. there is so much to know about blood types that I don't think I could ever become an expert. I might know more than the average person but does that really make me an expert? There are just a few simple things that every one needs to know about blood types. There are 8 official blood types A- A+ B- B+ AB- AB+ O- O+. O is the universal donor and AB is the universal recipient. Ever human has a blood type and in case of emergency you can receive blood through a blood transfusion.

Depending where you are located in the world this information can either make sense to you or bore you. What makes the world such a great place is that no matter where you are located there is someone out there who wants to hear what you have to say. Now the kicker is when what you say actually makes any sense or can be of any use to them. With the world wide web being on every continent, you can reach from miami florida to tokyo japan in a matter of seconds.

Some countries tell their citizens their blood types when they are born and they remind them by placing it on their driver licenses so that they can't forget. We will try our best to introduce this in the united states as soon as we can. It might be a matter of speaking to the right person or making our voices heard. If we needed your signature to get this law passed will you be willing to help us further our cause?

One of the most important days in the year is blood type awareness day! I'm assuming you havent heard of that yet but it should be here soon. Lets all do our part and help one person find out their blood type. What are you waiting for!!!

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