Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blood types or No Blood types?

We have been making a bet that by 2017 this blood type phenomenon will be worldwide. Some people are still the rebellious type and will never come over to our side. Whats my blood type will be the catalyst for lots of blood type related firsts. We were the cool kids back in high school who started trends that made the entire school take notice. If you have followed trends throughout the past century you will notice that things are not quite what they seem, they are much better.

Even though others may feel like this is only a fad we on the other hand believe in the revolution. You will realize the importance of your blood type soon enough and then our band wagon will be waiting for you. Why not be a part of something special now? Don't wait until everyone else has decided to follow us. You can be one of the cool kids now.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Your Blood Type Health

Has anyone in your family died from a heart attack, cancer, or astroke? If so then there is a very high likelihood that your bloodtype might be A or AB. This is because cancers are associated withgroup A, as are clotting diseases, including blood clots, which inmany cases lead to coronary heart disease and fatal heart attacks.Do you get yearly check ups? Most americans actually don't take thetime to go to the doctor once per year to get an annual check up. Wefeel that if we aren't around a certain age that we don't need tofocus on our health. This has been an issue for millions of americanswithout health insurance. Don't let you not having health insurancekeep you away from the doctor every year.I had a friend who was only 18 years old, who died from heart failurewhich was associated with a blood disorder. We all think that it willnever happen to us but we are totally wrong. Your health is not a gameof russian roulette. We have to make sure that we are in perfecthealth as often as we can. We only have one life to live so make sureyou do your best to live it right.Studies have shown that given the right diet, each blood type canextend life expectancy up to twenty years. How you ask? Well food hasadverse effects on your body. Most diseases or ailments associatedwith food takes years or even decades to show up. You can easilyprevent these by eating foods that will compliment your particular type.Did you know that high insulin levels in your body, from eating lotsof carbohydrates, lower your body' anabolic response, growth hormonesecretion, immune response, and boost fat storing enzymes, all at thesame time?Are you learning anything yet?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Keeping a good diet

How hard can it be to eat the right foods on a daily basis? That seems like an easy question to answer but we all know that it can be the hardest thing in the world. Many of us start diets with good intentions but we usually end up going back to our old eating habits as soon as we get to our ideal weight. Diets are temporary, we need something more permanent. We sometimes need a lifestyle change in order to get any where long term.

Going on a diet does not have to be a hard thing. We can start small and change your eating habits gradually. We should look at dieting as we do getting our education. We start college knowing how long it will take to obtain our degree. Most of us usually finish school in 4 years other slow learners take 5 or 6, but they finish. Do you start a job as an intern and expect to be vice president of the company in 2 weeks? I hope not...

There are charts that let you know which food is good for your blood type and which foods are not. The easiest way in my opinion is to avoid the foods that will do harm to your body. Once you know exactly which foods will be harmful then you can just eat everything else which would either fall into the beneficial or neutral category.

Try food replacement as one of your first steps. If you notice that you are giving up something that you love or have been eating for years, try replacing it with something similiar in the same food group. In the end the main thing that should matter most to you is you!!!

We can prolong our life if we focus on the right things. This is a year of change, try to eat healthier for a better you. Lets make it happen in 2009.

Friday, January 16, 2009


How compatible are you with your mate? This would seem like an easy question to answer but who would really be honest when they answer that question. With the divorce rate in the U.S. sparking to an alarming 46% in 2008 who can guarantee that their relationship will last " until death do us part ". Does that really mean the same thing as it did when our grandparents took their vows?

We are on this road which it seems that 50% percent of the time we end up crashing. If you knew that your marriage would end in divorce, would you still get married? Hind sight is 20/20 but there has to be a way to predict some of this stuff. If there were some way of taking a compatibility test before getting married then things would work out a little better. One way we can combat this issue is to focus on the blood type compatibility table which has been perfected by the Japanese. Lets be serious for a second here; if you truly loved someone and you took a compatibility test which states that you aren't as compatible as you think, would you still marry that person?

What if there were a law which stated that each marriage would be for 5 years and after the 5 year period you would have to either renew your vows or it would end in an annulment. Would you support that idea? I feel that would somehow cut down the divorce rate in our country and make people take the word MARRIAGE more seriously. Most marriages if they are going to end fall apart in the 1st 2 to 5 years. This idea would save you the long headache and the continued heartbreak of a nasty divorce.

This is just an idea. Don't take it for more than just that. If we get enough people to respond in a positive way then it can blossom into something more. To your continued blessings and compatibility..

Blood type

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just 1 day at a time

I spoke to a couple yesterday about their blood type, their relationship, and their eating habits. Its funny when you actually put some of these tools to work you can find out so much. There is still an alarming number of people out there that do not know their blood type. You would think that if someone works in the medical field that they would know that one simple piece of information about themselves.

I tend to find many relationships where one partner knows their blood type and the other is totally oblivious. To me that's like having the cure for a disease that you both have and you just don't share it with your partner. That might sound a bit harsh but eating the wrong foods and not taking care of your body can lead to illness or even death. I guess when you live in certain parts of the world you have other priorities.

We don't have to change everything in one day. This isn't like smoking but it has pretty much the same end result if your not careful. You have to focus on your health at least one day in your lifetime. Better it be sooner than later.

A few women find themselves settling for less so that they don't have to work too hard to take care of themselves. You usually see those relationships everywhere you go but who would really admit it! This is not meant to demean women it's more truth that anything else. In our society with the independent woman we still have women out there who would rather be taken care of than to take care of themselves. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that but I think you should be compatible with the person you are with.

Who cares about compatibility anymore? Sounds like a good question right? Some people are just happy that they have someone to love. I think from the woman's point of view its more like someone to take care of them.

Its been a little over a year and the more people that I run into the better I feel. It seems like I open a lot of peoples eyes when I talk to them about their health. It's not like they don't know the problem exists, they realize it but just need a push to get it done. Well, if your reading this, this is your push.