Sunday, April 17, 2011

Does blood types matter?

No matter how much you tell someone that something is good for them you can never make them change. Life can be a whole lot better if we were to be more educated in things that matter most, our health. Knowing your blood type is very important. How important you say? Well if you were in a situation where you only had minutes to live and you need an immediate blood transfusion what do you think would happen next? We take the most pivotal things in our lives for granted.

How many times do you think we have to hear something before we take heed? As humans we have to hear something 7 times before it starts to sink in. Does that have to be the case in this situation. I think knowing my blood type is important to me so it should be important to you also. When you focus on your health, your blood type will start to make more sense to you.

If we took the time out to get more acquainted with what really matters then we will start to realize that knowing certain things about ourselves will be beneficial in the end. Our country is still no where close to where it needs to be when it comes to knowing your blood type. Certain countries make it a priority for individuals to find out their blood types. We even see some employers in other countries who hire employees based on their blood type. I don't think we will get to that extent here in the U.S. but you never know.

If you don't find out for me then do it for yourself. Be more proactive when it comes to your health and you will be surprised what happens next.....

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