Monday, February 9, 2009

Your Blood Type Health

Has anyone in your family died from a heart attack, cancer, or astroke? If so then there is a very high likelihood that your bloodtype might be A or AB. This is because cancers are associated withgroup A, as are clotting diseases, including blood clots, which inmany cases lead to coronary heart disease and fatal heart attacks.Do you get yearly check ups? Most americans actually don't take thetime to go to the doctor once per year to get an annual check up. Wefeel that if we aren't around a certain age that we don't need tofocus on our health. This has been an issue for millions of americanswithout health insurance. Don't let you not having health insurancekeep you away from the doctor every year.I had a friend who was only 18 years old, who died from heart failurewhich was associated with a blood disorder. We all think that it willnever happen to us but we are totally wrong. Your health is not a gameof russian roulette. We have to make sure that we are in perfecthealth as often as we can. We only have one life to live so make sureyou do your best to live it right.Studies have shown that given the right diet, each blood type canextend life expectancy up to twenty years. How you ask? Well food hasadverse effects on your body. Most diseases or ailments associatedwith food takes years or even decades to show up. You can easilyprevent these by eating foods that will compliment your particular type.Did you know that high insulin levels in your body, from eating lotsof carbohydrates, lower your body' anabolic response, growth hormonesecretion, immune response, and boost fat storing enzymes, all at thesame time?Are you learning anything yet?

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