Sunday, February 1, 2009

Keeping a good diet

How hard can it be to eat the right foods on a daily basis? That seems like an easy question to answer but we all know that it can be the hardest thing in the world. Many of us start diets with good intentions but we usually end up going back to our old eating habits as soon as we get to our ideal weight. Diets are temporary, we need something more permanent. We sometimes need a lifestyle change in order to get any where long term.

Going on a diet does not have to be a hard thing. We can start small and change your eating habits gradually. We should look at dieting as we do getting our education. We start college knowing how long it will take to obtain our degree. Most of us usually finish school in 4 years other slow learners take 5 or 6, but they finish. Do you start a job as an intern and expect to be vice president of the company in 2 weeks? I hope not...

There are charts that let you know which food is good for your blood type and which foods are not. The easiest way in my opinion is to avoid the foods that will do harm to your body. Once you know exactly which foods will be harmful then you can just eat everything else which would either fall into the beneficial or neutral category.

Try food replacement as one of your first steps. If you notice that you are giving up something that you love or have been eating for years, try replacing it with something similiar in the same food group. In the end the main thing that should matter most to you is you!!!

We can prolong our life if we focus on the right things. This is a year of change, try to eat healthier for a better you. Lets make it happen in 2009.

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